Why Read the WSJ?

Yes, this is a media plug. If there’s anything we need in this world of dysfunctional politics, it is more honest media. This passage is excerpted from an article by departing journalist, William McGurn, who will become the op-ed editor of the NY Post:

My [WSJ] editors made it clear they were guided by a very different idea: that human beings ought to be seen as minds rather than mouths. The more I read while at the Journal, the more I appreciated that some of the most hopeful writing about human possibility was being done by economists—from Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek to Milton Friedman, Gary Becker and Julian Simon.

Put it this way: When China transformed itself by moving from Mao to markets, the Journal’s editors were as dazzled by the results as anybody. They just weren’t surprised.

I believe that this same disposition—to see potential where others see only problems—is what leads these pages to welcome the immigrant and the refugee; to fight for the inner-city schoolchild stuck in a rotten public school; to champion the guy who scrapes and saves for a hot-dog stand only to have some pol try to force him out in favor of something more chic; and to look beyond the noble intentions of a new tax or regulation to the unintended consequences for those least able to afford them.



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