IRS Shenanigans: Oops!


The IRS scandal is just one inevitable result of a national political class that has chosen to divide and conquer to stay in power rather than serve the interests of the people. We’ve heard the attacks on the Tea Party ad nauseum by liberal Democrats in the mainstream press. And we’ve heard the same attacks against OWS from alternative media sources. My, how this all serves the interests of the crony class.

Unfortunately for this administration, their tenor of denigrating voter protests they “don’t like” has now gotten them neck deep in another serious scandal. How did this happen? This quoted excerpt explains:

…the IRS crackdown on conservative organizations was a direct and inevitable consequence of political and policy messaging by the Obama administration, and by the campaign-finance reformers who share these views. Congressional Democrats are also to blame, since many of them have publicly—as with Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees the IRS—or privately urged the IRS to go after conservative tax-exempt organizations.

It’s hard to feel sorry for politicians and activists who attack the peoples’ right to assemble and protest the government and the politicians that serve them. Think about that next time you hear a disparaging remark about the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street. We’ve got a problem with the dysfunction of politics and government in this country and a large part of the problem is how we are (not) dealing with it.


Last week an unusual breeze of fairness blew through the capital, often from unlikely sources. Consider these remarks from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada:

“There are these shadowy political groups masquerading as social welfare organizations in order to solicit anonymous donations from we don’t know who — big corporations and also wealthy people. That needs to stop. We do not know exactly how much money was spent in the last election by these groups, and I acknowledge most of the money was spent on the right wing, but there was plenty on the left wing.”

Here is the scary thing: USA Today reports that the IRS approved nonprofit status for liberal groups at the same time it was denying that status for conservative groups. Rhetoricians at the University of Pittsburgh and Jesus College, Cambridge, have developed a theory of “keywords,” and it doesn’t take a Pitt or Cambridge degree to ascertain the political leanings of a group with a name such as Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, which received tax-exempt status at the time when Tea Party groups employing words such as “patriot” did not.

None of this is good for the Obama administration, which otherwise would have had something big to crow about last week. Revised nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office figures put the federal budget deficit at $642 billion. That marks a $203 billion improvement from earlier forecasts — and eerily, $203 billion was the size of the 1981 deficit, expressed in today’s dollars, that propelled Ronald Reagan into office.

But that wasn’t the predominant discussion of the week. Instead, the talk was of how the administration breached some of the most sacred lines in American life. First Amendment purists are right that attacking press prerogatives is an attack on American values. And maybe conservatives are right about taxes, because the type of flat tax they espouse could help take the IRS out of politics and make all of these exemptions meaningless.

This graphic is instructive too:
(Disclaimer: Hope this doesn’t get me audited!)