Other Downloads

The Ultimate Killer App! : How Technology Succeeds

“Beyond Piketty’s Capital: What Ben Franklin and Billie Holiday Could Tell Us About Capitalism’s Inequalities.”

Trade and Social Insurance
Award-winning study of the relationship between trade risk and the development of national unemployment insurance systems in OECD countries. (Available on Amazon for Kindle or iPad with all navigable links.)

CasinoWorld: An Agent-Based Model With Heterogeneous Risk Preferences and Adaptive Behavior

Europe 1992: Conflict or Cooperation?  A short paper written in 1991 analyzing the future challenges of European integration through the Single European Act of 1992, anticipating the risks of conflict under an economic crisis, such as occurred in 2008/9.

The Economy Needs Agent-based Modelling An interesting article published in Nature magazine arguing for the development of agent-based simulation modelling as a useful tool to solve some of the economic puzzles that have eluded DSGE models. In particular I would argue that the distributional failures of exchange markets can be tackled with such tools.


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